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Refund and Return Policy

Cancellation, Return and Refund

BUYER may only cancel purchases limited to the following conditions before shipment. Once shipped, purchases will be subject to return process rather than cancellation process. 

Once BUYER confirm on making a purchase, no cancellation will be entertained unless it is due to reasons of Out of Stock and Difference in Product Prices. If the SELLER confirmed that the goods are Out of Stock or there is a Difference in Product Prices, IamTao will inform the BUYER soonest possible before International Shipping is performed. With the above 2 reasons, Cancellation and refund will be allowed at the instruction of the BUYER before the product is ship from China to Singapore. Once product has been shipped international, cancellation and refund will not be entertained.

Return costs shall be borne by the party attributable to the return request, such as:

- the SELLER, where the return is due to the defects in the item, delivery of the wrong or different item

- the BUYER if the BUYER not did not indicate their Quality Requirement.

For purchases in China, return attributable to the BUYER may not be practically possible due to high return costs. the BUYER need to afford internation shipping fee IamTao or Sellers take no responsibility and assume no liability for such cases.

Upon completion of the cancellation or the refund process, IamTao shall refund by depositing funds back into the E-wallet of the buyer and not in any form of cash. BUYER may at any time request to withdraw from the E-wallet and the request amount shall be remitted to the BUYER's bank account within 14 business days.

IamTao will not accept cancellation or refund due to reason such as Change of mind, Wrongful order or Careless order by BUYER or when the BUYER finds that the International Shipping Charges are higher than expected. In the case of products where Chargeable Weight is higher than the initial default 500g, the buyer can instruct IamTao to stop International Shipping. For this case, we will only refund any prepaid International Shipping Charge based on the Estimated Chargeable Weight Policy and not the cost of the product purchased in China. 

IamTao will not entertain any refunds or cancellation other than OUT OF STOCK. or INCREASE IN CHINA PRODUCT COST